Harju KEK Group

Harju KEK

Harju KEK is a company based on Estonian private capital and is active in the field of development and management of real estate as well as investment management.

Harju KEK owns ca. 100 ha of land, which is intended for production and commercial purposes and on which, new commercial and production buildings can be constructed. The advantage of all the industrial parks of Harju KEK is a beneficial location in relation to ports, the airport, the railway and the highway network. We are also open to new investment opportunities in other locations. 

Harju Elekter

HARJU ELEKTER launched its activities under Harju KEK in 1968 and has since become one of the biggest manufacturers of electrical installations and materials in the Baltic states as well as a renowned enterprise in the Baltic Sea area. The Harju Elekter Group consists of the following subsidiaries: AS Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika and AS Harju Elekter Teletehnika in Estonia, Satmatic Oy in Finland and UAB Rifas in Lithuania.

AS Harju Elekter owns investments in the biggest cabling plant of the Baltics AS Draka Keila Cables; in a company selling electrical installations called SIA Energokomplekss; and in the Finnish stock exchange enterprise PKC Group Oy. The shares of Harju Elekter have been listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange since 1997. 

EKE Invest

EKE INVEST, founded in 1993, is an enterprise active in the field of real estate development and financial investment management. The areas of activity of the companies within the EKE Invest Group are real estate development, the production and trade of construction materials and the provision of spa and accommodation services. The more known development projects are Tornimäe Twin Towers in Tallinn, Spa Tervis in Pärnu, Värska Resort and the EKE office building in Tallinn.  


AVRAAL is a group based on Estonian capital. It is active in Põlva, South Estonia. Its main areas of activity are investment management, development and management of real estate.


ENTEK is the energy- and service company, specializing in supplying electricity and heat production and sales.


KMV is a car transport company. Main activities are international road transportation and freight forwarding. KMV is the founding member of Estonian Freight Forwarding Association and Association of Estonian International Road Carriers.

Laagri Vara

LAAGRI VARA is a company developing the Laagri Shopping Centre.